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Did You find what You wanted?

We Offer fully customized product based on natural stone, since we have hundreds of shapes, it is common to feel overwhelmed let's try to make it simple with these question !

1. What is Your material of choice ?

  • Andesite (blue,grey)

  • Granite (green,black)

  • Sandstone

  • Limestone

  • Lava Stone

2. What kind of finishing You wanted?

  • Sawn Cut

  • Flamed

  • Honed

  • Polished

  • Bush Hammer

  • Rough Face

3.  What kind of shape You wanted? 

  • Regular Tile (Rectangle, Triangle)

  • 3D Shaped

  • Triangle

  • Etc,

What's My Option ?

General Information

This is a Natural Stone products, the color you seen in our product list might be slightly different with the shipped products. However, we are committed to provide the best natural stone products as your expectation by constantly communicate the material specification.

While this is our ideal business flow, we understand you may have different expectation.
As part of our commitment to make our Clients comfortable, this terms is negotiable in some extend.

How To Order

As a Potential Client​

Ask us anything !

You, as our Potential Client might have a product you like from our products page,

or even wanted to make a custom products based on natural stone.

We would gladly help you to identify what product you need, based on the usage, color or even specification !

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