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Our Products

Our Products generally used for outdoor floor, or walkway paving.

We offer natural stone with high quality cutting and finishing, as you can see from image above, our products generally have precise size, our QC team doing a simple random sampling from 250 different cuts and found that we have standard deviation of 0.2mm and maximum variance of ±0.6mm of imprecision. 

We are confident that this level of precision is the best for Natural Stone products in Indonesia.

Our Product generally can be categorized into two categories:


Sukabumi Green Stone

Characteristics: Sand-like pattern
Color: Green
Used for: Floor, Wall, Pool


Indonesian Andesite Stone

Characteristics: black grain pattern

Color: Blue, Light Grey, Grey, White

Used for: Floor & Wall


Indonesian Granite Stone

Characteristics:  Dark grain pattern

Color: Green, Black

Used for: Floor & Wall


Indonesian Lava Stone
(Batu Candi)

Characteristics: Grainy Pattern, Porous
Color: Black
Used for: Floor & Wall

paras jogja_edited.jpg

White Limestone

Characteristics: Clean Pattern, Chalk-like
Color:  Light Cream
Used for: Floor, Wall & Relief


Palimanan Yellow Sandstone

Characteristics: Sandy Pattern
Color: White-Yellow
Used for: Floor & Wall

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