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Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone is a quartzite Stone, this stone is one of our main export product, this is also known as Pedra Verde or Bali Green is very popular material for swimming pool. in our domestic market this product is usually used for luxury swimming pool, especially to Bali. We have exported this product to United States, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Maldives. Also supplied this product to other exporter located in Indonesia.


Green Sukabumi Stone, not only it is very beautiful for swimming pool, it also have additional benefit from the zeolite content stored inside the stone itself. one article claim that using Green sukabumi stone will reduce the consumption of chlorine for up to 20%. Green sukabumi stone can also be used in saltwater pool

this very unique green color of zeolite stone can only be found in Indonesia. 

 Green Sukabumi Stone
Green Sukabumi Stone tile


Green Sukabumi Stone wet



Our Sukabumi Stone products have six different type of finishing:

  1. Sawn Cut Sukabumi Stone

  2.  Striped Sukabumi Stone

  3. Honed Sukabumi Stone

Sawn Cut

Green Sukabumi Stone

Sawn Cut Finishing is achieved when we processed the natural stone using rotating blade with correct angle you can see the circular motif made while cutting. This finishing provide neutral balance between coarse and smooth. Every tile used in Our product will undergone sawn cut process once.

This is the cheapest and one of our most popular tipe of finishing because of its versatility. usually used for wall and flooring.

Additional Finishing

tumble stone old natural stone


Tumble is our finishing to round up the corner of our tile

The stone is undergoing scrubbing process as it is to mimic natural erosion of old pavement. 

tumble is popular to make paving, giving classical looks like old European cities.

on this photo: mixed lava stone, andesite, granite
mixed flamed -
sawn cut finishing,
with additional tumble finishing

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